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My Pinay babe daisy sleeping

This lucky white dude is happy to say Daisy is My Pinay babe

Daisy met this white dude about a week ago and they hit it off right away. They seemed to be fucking day and night and it’s amazing how much this dude can fuck! So just when Daisy was ready to get some rest, the guy was all over her again shouting Daisy is My Pinay babe!

My Pinay hottie Daisy is about to wake up to a cock
My Pinay hottie Daisy is about to wake up to a cock

Daisy just lay there acting as if she were sleeping, but that didn’t stop this horndog from grabbing her tits and ass after throwing off the covers. He told her if you are My Pinay babe then you just have to get used to getting fucked all the time! So Daisy mustered up all the strength she could and got on her hands and knees and let her new boyfriend fuck her in the ass until he collapsed on her back. She looked over her shoulder and thought, yeah it’s good to be a hot Pinay babe!

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