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My Pinay playing with my cock in the shower

My Pinay Trixie is clean and ready to get dirty

Trixie is My Pinay and she is really super-hot! We met the other day at the shopping center and I was determined to get to know her, after all I have this thing for Philippine babes. I try and get laid every time I visit from Europe. So Today she gets out of bed and goes to take a shower. And since I’m as horny as I can get I follow her.

Check out the pussy on My Pinay Trixie
Check out the pussy on My Pinay Trixie

Once we get in the shower Trixie grabs my cock and it doesn’t take much to get me as hard as a rock. I play with her hairy pussy and we fuck standing up until I have to blow my load, which leaves a thick creampie inside her twat. Tired from the excursion, My Pinay sits back in the tub and figures she might as well clean up so we can get dirty one more time!

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My Pinay today is a hot teen

Maymay is working hard to be My Pinay

I like to visit the Philippines every chance I get because the chicks there are about the hottest babes on the planet. They seem to have sexual appetites that go on and on. So I’m back and I just ran into a hot teen named Maymay, and I am going to fuck her and make her My Pinay!

Check out the curves on My Pinay
Check out the curves on My Pinay

Maymay is so petite and such a spinner, it’s hard to decide where I want to start as she lay in my bed naked looking up at me with a smile that gives me an immediate hard-on. So I wave my cock in front of her face and she grabs it with her tiny hand and tries to fit it inside her cute mouth. She looks so good I almost bust a nut right then and there. But I’m not crazy, I have to get my cock inside her tight twat and just as I thought it is really tight! Maymay has been such a great time she surely has earned the title of My Pinay for at least another day or two!

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My Pinay babe daisy sleeping

This lucky white dude is happy to say Daisy is My Pinay babe

Daisy met this white dude about a week ago and they hit it off right away. They seemed to be fucking day and night and it’s amazing how much this dude can fuck! So just when Daisy was ready to get some rest, the guy was all over her again shouting Daisy is My Pinay babe!

My Pinay hottie Daisy is about to wake up to a cock
My Pinay hottie Daisy is about to wake up to a cock

Daisy just lay there acting as if she were sleeping, but that didn’t stop this horndog from grabbing her tits and ass after throwing off the covers. He told her if you are My Pinay babe then you just have to get used to getting fucked all the time! So Daisy mustered up all the strength she could and got on her hands and knees and let her new boyfriend fuck her in the ass until he collapsed on her back. She looked over her shoulder and thought, yeah it’s good to be a hot Pinay babe!

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